Monday, January 25, 2010

Apologies, Engagements, and Updates

So, my blogging has become a little sparse lately. I feel bad about that, and I feel a little worse knowing that while I will maintain roughly a blog a week, my posts themselves may be a bit weaker for awhile . . .but I'm going to be honest about why and in doing so let any guilt or self-reprimanding go . . .

The S.O. and I are engaged! I hadn't been expecting it any time soon, but it happened, and, unfortunately for my blog and Twitter, avoiding the work I get paid for by obsessively reading writing tweets and writing blogs has been replaced by bride sites and wedding articles.

The other reason that I haven't blogged as much lately builds on a previous blog. The S.O. and I are in a good position with his writing, but not in a position where there is much new to report on. Recently there were 3 library talks that went well. The libraries advertised his appearance, there were a good number of people who showed at each appearance, the talks went well and books were sold. Now he has a number of librarians who can serve to recommend him and his book to other libraries, which is one new plus. His writing has been steady and the goal is still to finish draft one by the end of February, then revise until it is ready to be sent out to agents, hopefully by the summer of 2010. Kindle sales of the self-published novel have been steady without us paying for advertising. We know that if we paid we could get it ranked in the top 50 or even top 10 temporarily, but we don't have the cash to spend on it right now. As it is, it has been successful overall and did make it into the top 100 a few times in the category of Men's Adventure fiction.

Bottom line: I will continue to share our experiences with getting published as well as other great information, blogs, and links that I find, but you'll have to forgive me if the blog is a bit sparse for awhile. ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Writing Addiction

Sometimes it takes something bad to get something good. Sad and cliched, but also true (excuse the also cliched phrase). The S.O. took the stolen laptop as a sign that he needed to get serious- or at least more so- about his writing. Writing would be his new addiction. To that end, he took his beloved Play Station, removed it from his residence, and locked it in an off-site storage locker. One major distraction removed, he is focusing harder than ever on completing novel #2. He has gone from writing a handful of days a week to writing every day. No longer needing to leave the house in order to focus, he stays in and has multiple writing sessions a day.

And the results are rewarding. Not only is he now completing 3 chapters a week on average and set to finish draft #1 by the end of February, but he exhibits pride in himself and his work on a daily basis. In addition, he feels that his re-write of the 2 chapters he lost is better than the original (and I'm sure we've all had a revision experience like that).

What is your bad to good writing story? Or bad to good life story?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blug Life

From the creator of the infamous "Editing Letter" video, Lara Zielin presents the Bluggie. Check this hilarious video out (especially if you find snuggies, bling, or the song Tik Tok by Ke$ha amusing). Check out Lara's blog for info on how to win your own Bluggie. :)

Bluggie "Infomercial":

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lost Writing Blues- Call for Story Sharing

I got a heartbreaking email today: while working on his novel, the S.O. walked away from his laptop in a library today to check some information on the internet. Laptop stolen. He only lost 2 chapters of his novel; the rest was backed up online. Unfortunately, he's now a struggling writer facing the cost of a new laptop.

This begs the latest blog question: Do you have a writing horror story? Computer crashed and you lost good work? Lost more than just a few chapters? Share in the comments section!