Saturday, December 5, 2009

Evolution of a Blog

So, I've been blogging for the past month or so about once a week. Really, I'd like to be blogging more frequently, but as this blog originated to vent the frustrations and celebrate the triumphs of my and my S.O.'s venture into writing and publishing, I've realized that, as with everything in life, there are droughts and floods. My writing has slowed (this week= zero blog entries. sad.) with my own busyness AND simply with a slow period for either frustrations or triumphs. The S.O. is writing. I am waiting to hear about the e-book copy of Novel #1. I follow the blogs of writers and agents. I keep up with my Twitter. Between these different events and circumstances, I'm not always bitten by the writer's bug- a feeling shared by all those out there who are actually working on writing short stories, novels and poetry, too, I'm sure. So here is what I will be attempting during the month of December (and it will take time, folks! No promises of instant success;)):

1) I am going to push myself, like all writers must, to work more on consistency, relevance, and quality of my own blog posts.

2) I am going to pursue interviews with writers, especially new writers, who will have something unique to offer my audience.

3) I am going to pursue guest bloggers from different areas of writing and publishing, which will also bring new, relevant and interesting information to my audience.

4) I am going to seek out requests from my audience on this blog and Twitter regarding what readers would actually like to read about.

As per #4, please comment below or email regarding any requests for a blog entry or interview.



  1. I didn't post much last month at all. I have a hard time keeping myself up to date on everything going on (Blogger, twitter, ect.), and working on my WiP's. Then add in trying to post on the blog a couple times a week, and my head starts spinning. I've decided that my blog is still going to be mainly about writing, but I'm also going to continue posting a few fun and personal blogs, because that shows who I am, and people need to see that side of me too!

    Can't wait to see what you post next;)

  2. lol. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one! I agree, too, that the personal blogs are a good way to let people know who you are.

  3. Good luck with your goals. I hear writing them down is half the battle. :]

  4. So how did the goals go? The hardest part is sometimes formulating them, I find. Once they are down on paper and out of the head they tens to take on a life of their own. Hope it worked for you, keep us posted! Oh and have a great start to the new year.