Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Free Book Contest! This Week Only!

Are you interested in winning an autographed copy of Lara Zielin's Donut Days? If so, leave a comment below with your name, city and state, or pets name, BUT alter them to make them as donut-y as possible. A delicious but calorie-free exercise in creativity for readers and writers. :)

You can leave the comment in response to this post or the Interview post below. If the ID you select won't let you officially change your name, or if you don't have an ID and choose the Anonymous selection, just leave your donut-alter-ego in the comment itself. Enjoy!

Spwinklie Blogkin


  1. There are some laugh-out-loud gems in this interview, especially the part about the stars aligning for some authors' prose, but you not being one of them. Have you ever considered going on an international donut tour? They have these mini donuts in Canada called Tiny Tom's that everyone goes crazy over.

  2. Also since google won't let me change my profile name, I'd like to sign the above comment as

    -Anjelly Donut

  3. Hilarious, Anjelly! Another response from below (I'm copying it here for those posting in this section):
    MMM.....Nutella Donut.....

    Cool and insightful interview! I always enjoy reading about the experiences of young or new authors. I have a craving for donuts now, though...

    John Lacrueller, Chicaglazed, Cream Fillinois

  4. Great interview -- the book sounds like it touches on a lot of important life decisions for young people centered around a fun premise to keep it from getting too heavy. I'd love to read it.

    My favorite donuts are the custard-filled (Boston Kreme, Bavarian Kreme), but that doesn't fit with my name...

    -Jelly Cakesie

  5. Sounds very interesting!
    --Cathy Lacrueller, Granpowdered, Newcinnamon, Plain Hampshire