Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bad Reviews . . . and Bad Reading?

So, me and the S.O. got our first fairly negative review of his book (not such a big deal after several positive reviews from independent reviewers and many positive reviews from people who have bought the book). Because it's not such a big deal in light of the many positive reviews, I don't want to dwell too much on it. Only, I feel compelled to vent a little about one thing. The author of the review was under the impression that a human character in the book was a robot and spent a large part of the review discussing this. Other reviewers for sites such as PODBRAM or The New Podler did not have this reading issue. I also have never heard from anyone who read it that he or she mistakenly thought that any character was a robot (in fact, there are no robots in the book). So, how does one take that in a review? Lol


  1. Sheesh -- that's unfortunate, but since the interpreation was never intended and was never a problem pre-publication, I would just disregard it. It discredits the reviewer, if anything.

  2. Be thankful for the people who "get" the work and love it.

  3. Well said, Tara and Weronika. :)