Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twitter Recommendations

As a recent Twitter joiner, I'm interested in getting to know other Twitterers who would be interesting to follow.

Any recommendations? Feel free to recommend your own Twitter or someone else's who you follow. Thanks!


  1. Carly, you can follow me @WeronikaJanczuk. I recommend you scroll through the people I follow -- lots of agents, bookstores, literary-related things...Too many to share here.

  2. heh, depends on what you want to talk about. I suggest searching for a topic and getting into a conversation with people. then they start talking to you and then before you know it... you're a tweep...


  3. Have some great recommendations but the server is down...I'll try to come back later and share some. I know a couple from memory - @creativepenn , @inkyelbows , @rachellegardner , @nathanbransford , and well, I agree with what Weronika said, just check out who I follow, I think you'll find some good ones. Mine's @coffeelvnmom (surprised? lol)

  4. Ditto on @thecreativepenn, you might also enjoy @advicetowriters, @dictionarycom and @bookgal. Have fun!

  5. I checked out Creative Penn and love it. I'll check out the rest later today. Thanks Joel.