Monday, August 31, 2009

E-Books, Kindle, Sony and Smashwords

As all you writers know, the debate and words over the future of e-books continues to rage.

This week, Electronic Alphabet reported on how eBook sales are up 149%! In addition, Smashwords, an eBook publisher, reported on their blog that Barnes and Noble will now be selling Smashwords eBooks.

Finally, JA Konrath reports on his blog about Stanza, a company that will publish eBooks in formats that can be read on multiple readers, and he discusses the future problems with companies such as Kindle who protect their business interests by preventing their eBooks from being read on machines that are not manufactured by their own company or companies with whom they have exclusive agreements. Is this really in their best business interest in the long run? In his most recent posting, he discusses his own experiences with eBooks.

While my S.O. and I work on his next novel with sights on traditional publishing, we are considering releasing his first novel on Kindle.

Has anyone out there published eBooks? Recommendations on companies? Experiences?

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